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Lasse Laaksonen
M. Sc. (Economics)
Chairman, CEO

Lasse established Compunication, after several years of IT business management, project management, development, programming and education in best Finnish and Swedish firms.

He has performed most of our services, and served in all of our reference countries. Presently he is involved in customers' new business development, ICT strategy solution and project acceleration.

Dr. Mrs. Evangelista Loyala
IT Management Advisor

Her background is IT management and quality at Medical Industry, Energy, Banks, Security in UK, US, India, Sweden, Finland.

She has managed quality control in our global projects. 


She is one of our leading management consultants  for GDPR related policies and guidelines.

Heikki Leppänen
Board Member

Heikki ordered and received from us a globally distributed software product for the very large international security company. As our customer, Heikki controlled our development in Hungary, Nepal, India and Finland.

He is a full-stack leading developer with Microsoft, Open Source/ Ruby, MySQL, Maria ecosystems.

He recently designed the databases and automatic documenting to our large international project in Kathmandu.

Antti Leinonen
M. Military Sciences
Chairman of Karhubetoni Oy

Antti was the IT Manager for the Ministry of Defence and Finnish Army. He lead the project for computer based training to the Army. He was the lead of IT procurement for Finnish Government..

Antti creates revolutionary doable  innovations in IT and other business.  He is the mastermind behind our material refinery concept.

Presently he is working for energy abundant solutions in buildings.

Naresh Pradhan
Board Member

Naresh leads our Asian unit. 

He has 20 years of experience in IT, Business Management and Financial Management. Worked and managed complex projects for some of the best companies in the US, Sri Lanka, Japan, India, Nepal & Finland. Expert in streamlining and minimizing complex processes. Professional whose financial acumen and ability to act decisively were honed by an exemplary educational background.

Niranjan Awale
Principal Software Engineer

Niranjan has 11 years of experience in IT software programming field. He just was the challenging tasks chief developer in the Compunication lead large project for Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

He has a decade of experience in software analysis and design, database design, software architecture, full stack development in software industry. He has worked with outsource company for US, Netherlands, in payroll system, ERP system, telecoms billing system web application.

Niranjan has a network of skilled experts ready for onshore and offshore projects..

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