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Just do it -
but 300% faster

Agile is our name. In expert services.

We aim to implement your vision and make you succeed.

According to official assessments of European Union, we have gained even 300% better performance, ceteris paribus, in large International IT analysis and implementation projects.

It is not magic. It is KISS.

We made it first in 1983. Just by training, we made the customer to speed up his plan by 40%. With success. The manager, our customer,  was recruited to a director in a very reputable company afterwards.

Then the name of the method was X-RAD. We learned it form Dr. James Martin, Rome-Helsinki-Chicago.

We have performed very large governmental and private enterprise architecture projects for 20 years. That we learned from KPMG Harvard Professor R. L. Nolan. It has given huge benefit to our customers, while they have been sure to get even most complex systems rapidly and flexibly towards the always transforming world.

One more success: All waste is just material. Thus the Einstein formula is valid:

E = mc^2  <=>  E = WC^2

where W = waste and W <=> m.

So, we can convert your plastic "waste" to energy. And other "waste" to best valuable use.

Even more, you do not even have to segregate your waste in the puritan way.


  • Lean

  • ICT

  • Material (waste) refinery

  • Construction technology

  • Hospitals

  • Cultures at work

  • Asia - Europe

Service modalities

  • Training

  • Advisory

  • Expert staff rental

  • Project management

  • Contracting

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  • Banks

  • Insurance

  • European Union

  • Government

  • Municipalities

  • ICT

  • Education

  • Health

  • Tourism



  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Estonia

  • Czech

  • Russia

  • India

  • Vietnam

  • Nepal

  • Spain

  • UK


  • Thailand

  • Myanmar



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