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Health Care

 Our experts have received tens of staff years experience in top management and in diverse consulting projects of the best hospitals in Finland and overseas. The experience has been gained in our company and in other companies where our experts have worked.


Hospital Management

HUS and HYKS (16 best hospitals in Finland)

 Lasse Laaksonen has been a deputy member of the Supervisory Board of Helsinki-Uusimaa Hospitals for four years. Laaksonen has been a member of the HUS IT Management Team for four years.

Consulting Directors




 Project manager (THL and the University of Helsinki) in the intervention to suppress the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong. He planned the project, which was not implemented because the Finnish state demanded that the experts must stay in Finland due to the great danger in Finland, too.

MIS Director for a Largest Global Medical Aid Organization.

Quality System for a Largest Global Medicine Company.





National Institute for Occupational Health

 General processes and systems and IT

 Decentralized units, laboratories, processes

 Medical laboratories

 Physics laboratories

 Biological laboratories

 Psychological laboratories

 Bedside care

 General data warehouses, databases, concept structures of the department

 Cancer data repositories and conceptual structures

 Work history: exposures and illnesses


Orton; Disability Foundation and its hospital;

 All functions



 Bed compartment

 General functions, systems


Rheumatism Hospital
cloned Orton's solutions


Deaconess Institute and Diacor

 General processes

 Diaconess College


 Health centers


Kiljava Hospital

 Computer network solutions










 Definition, planning and implementation of Finnish food emergency storage systems (state grain system, meat system and milk system) in accordance with EU requirements. The system can manage any type of products and production chains, no need to have food. According to an official EU quality and productivity estimate, we were 300% more efficient than Austria at the same time, ceteris paribus.

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