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Climate Protection That Matters

"They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick."


We should protect people from climate change negative impacts, with best effects for used resources.

1. Location

2. Action with effect

3. Respect science, math and economics

1. Location; we want to use the funds of a rich country in such countries, where the results are highest.

Climate actions may not be optimal in a welfare nation, such as Finland, which in all aspects is nr. one in climate change prevention. Why? Any more use of Euros or Dollars does no more bring positive impacts, but they just cause costs.

Conclusion: We'll do more in developing countries and in other highly polluting locations.

2. Action; we want to solve real problems and in addition to minimize pollution, excess energy use and excess CO2 production.

Action that matters should not be superficial or even negative. If we close a top clean factory in a rich country and then open a new polluting factory in a poor country, we are just fooling everybody.

Conclusion: A best choice is waste management in a developing country.

It has the primary effect - clean city and healthy people.

And secondary effects - energy from waste

And tertiary effect - reducing extra CO2 and methane production.

3. Respecting science, math and economics, requires understanding the logical impacts, and calculation and comparing actions between choices.

Economics say that there is the law of Falling Marginal Benefits in all investments. After certain limit all more benefit need more input than is the value of the output.

Conclusion: We shall do our math and not act based on good intentions only.

2021-1-22 Kathmandu-Helsinki

NepWaste Pvt Ltd, AGM, nominated Mr. Lasse Laaksonen and Mr. Jaan Lehtsaar to Directors, and Mr. Antti Leinonen to an Alternative Director of the Board. NepWaste is the material & waste management company in Kathmandu Metropolitan City having 3.7 million people, 



SnowLotus is a full integrated solution for all waste material management for solid and for liquid waste.

Snow Lotus is a standard architecture for products and services for municipal integrated waste management solution as a Lean Material Refinery™ (LMR).

Snow Lotus serves best municipalities or regions with more than 200,000+ people.

Snow is an absolutely clean form of water.
Lotus flower grows on a dungeon and converts it to absolutely pure life.


Backpack Size

We are the official exclusive distributor of TesPack for Nepal.

The tiny back back portable energy pack with solar or other input. It is aimed to rural areas, for creating an auditory everywhere or for charging computers and phones.

City Size

Our waste management practice will create electricity, gas and other energy forms.

Today, we are prepared for

designing and supply of very large energy storages, capacity up to 100 MWh.

Nation Size

We have performed management consulting to a leading energy company, including:

1. Nuclear Power Mill IT Security Assessment
2. Processes and IT Development Architectures Design
3. Project Management Practice Development

4. IT Quality, Development and Documentation  Practice Development5. Engineering Company Business Architecture Design
6. India-Europe Cultural Project Coaching for Managers and Experts



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Biorefining is Bioste Ltd's trademark. Special thanks be given to Mr. Antti Leinonen, who explained the biorefinery system to Lasse Laaksonen, and then the latter fine-tuned the total systems model. The Gate fees - Taxes - Subsides system is Lasse's design, as well as the Franchising model.

Twspack is the registered trade mark of Tespack Ltd.

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Lean Refinery Processes


  • For all municipal solid and liquid waste.

  • The material input is treated all the time not as waste but as a material that needs be processed and transferred to better form and location.

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