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CompuWaste gives the full integrated solution for all waste management.

Snow Lotus is a standard architecture for products and services for municipal integrated waste management solution as a Lean Material Refinery™ (LMR).

Snow Lotus is a rgistered trade mark of Compunication Ltd.

Snow Lotus serves best municipalities or regions with more than 200,000+ people.

Snow is an absolutely clean form of water.
Lotus flower grows on a dungeon and converts it to absolutely pure life.

"Om mani padme hum"
"In lotus, there is the jewel."

E = mc^2

All and Lean

  1. BAT Best Available Technology

  2. BEP Best Environmental Practice

  3. High productivity as to SRF, electricity, oil-based fuels, biogas and fertilizers

  4. Complete division of responsibilities for the municipality, people, and outsourced actors (like waste collectors)

  5. Complete artificial intelligence structure of costs, prices, taxes and tariffs for inputs and outputs

  6. Complete agile project model for implementation

  7. Complete black box architecture to make procurement and operations simple and reliable.

  8. Business Program for Franchised Cloning

Lean Refinery Processes


  • For all municipal solid and liquid waste.

  • The material input is treated all the time not as waste but as a material that needs be processed and transferred to better form and location.


CompuWaste™, Snow Lotus®, Material Refinery™ ,  Total Material Refinery™, Material Refining ™, Total Material Refining ™, Totally Refined Material™, Lean Material Refinery™ and Lean Material Refining ™ are trademarks of Lasse I. Laaksonen, Helsinki, Finland.
Biorefining is Bioste Ltd's trademark. Special thanks be given to Mr. Antti Leinonen, who explained the biorefinery system to Lasse Laaksonen, and then the latter fine-tuned the total systems model. The Gate fees - Taxes - Subsides system is Lasse's design, as well as the Franchising model.

Note that trademarks and their ownerships may change during the course of time. Please, verify any changes of trademarks and their owners by using Google search or national and international trade registry data bases.

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