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Why Nepal?

  • Rapidly growing economy.

  • Democracy and peace; elections are fair and their outcomes make a difference.

  • Perfect command of English.

  • We have been In Nepal for 28 years, successfully completing 10 projects.

  • We have extensive networks and connections in Nepal.

  • You can start immediately.

  • Your competitors are not yet present in the market.

What in/ to/ from Nepal?
  • Smart energy for rural areas, even backpack size.

  • Integrated solid and liquid waste management, BAT BEP practice for a large metropole.

  • Geological natural resources survey for mining

  • IT solutions and staff; corporate and country level

  • Projects, Joint Ventures, Experts

  • Investment opportunity scalable from 500k to up to 100M EUR


  • Governments and Municipalities

  • Utilities

  • Hospitals

  • Banks and other financial organizations

  • Merchants

  • Material refineries

  • Waste companies

  • Mining Firms

  • Education Organizations

  • Consultancies


Compunication is the official exclusive distributor of TesPack for Nepal. 

Tespack is a pioneering company specialised in creating smart mobile micro grids for challenging markets. Thanks to our advanced software, deep learning, and proprietary hardware, we bring reliable and green energy infrastructure to remote locations.

Our goal is to address critical battery management challenges, including achieving 99.9% accuracy in battery recycling and tracking the performance of battery cells against the battery manufacturers' lab specs.

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