CompuMoney will give a fully integrated solution for all monetary transactions.

We are neither a bank nor a financial institution. We are supporting them with IT platforms, systems and developers.

CompuMoney uses Best Available Technology Platform.

Our service comprise promotion, negotiation, arranging, planning, design, implementation, operating and full support to banks, merchants, industry, insurance, users at diverse sectors.


Our target users are Global organizations and individuals, needing connection.

We will give full set of connection services for diverse business sectors. We will support all methods of communication with computers.

We strive to be Good Citizen in Europe performing effectively, reliably and legally.


Compunication has the history of working together with best expert companies.

We will again find the red thread from the chaotic jargon of ICT. We will bring you the right choice with best companies. We are known for best available technologies, best working practices and best productivity for implementing your vision.


CompuMoney™is a trademark of Lasse I. Laaksonen, Helsinki, Finland.