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Compunication history

Many years ago, IBM disclosed their internal archives on the future with computers and communications, where people and computers were connected thru huge and rapid datacommunication networks. French sociologists, Alain Minc and Simon Nora launched the term "compunication" to describe the new era, Compunication Era. The person to read this material was Mr. Lasse Laaksonen, who was making his Master's Thesis on "Automation of Information Sector", based on Dr. Marc Uri Porat's studies of the trends of American Post organizations.

Lasse was immediately invited to Finnsystems Oy, the daughter of Tietotehdas, which was the IT unit of Finland's biggest bank. He could do there and later in other companies total information studies for large companies, like banks, insurance, automotive, wholesale and retail sales, education, government, medical, hospitals. He learned to establish the company "Compunication Oy", where "Oy" stands for "Ltd.". The company made studies, developed full systems and taught project cultural leadership in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Nepal, Russia, Vietnam, Czech, Spain, UK, Thailand, having experts from many other countries.

Soon  is the dream come true. The Compunication Era™.
Compunication never questioned the value of people as the best asset of any company. We made people grow.

We made you to get your objectives. We also tried to be even 200-300% faster.
We did it many times already.

We made our own accounting system from scratch in two hours, including studying the textbook of accounting.
We made a computerized business and data architecture modeling  tool for very large automotive seller and insurance company in one week, from scratch.

We accelerated teaching of database entity-relationship modeling to 1/3 of the original, and even all participants could learn it.

We developed a full scale vision and architectural design practice, because large institutions were lagging behind.

We designed Finland-EU connection system for agricultural buffer storages in one month including the prototype. We then implemented the whole system with the speed of 300% faster than our colleagues in another new EU country. And it was originally believed to be impossible.

In addition, we developed the whole methodology for understanding and using natural resources of a whole country. It was published in European Union ESSI programme.

We were sent to Nepal and kill the project of the telecom system. Instead, again in one month, we could develop excellent prototypes of eight systems, which then were put to true implementation. There we advised the programmers to do the customer and sales system, from scratch, in three months ready for production, with a totally new ecosystem for us and the customer.

Nepalese Prime Minister visited Finland. He wanted to see us four times out of the official programme. We namely could tell him, what to do to this badly polluted city of Kathmandu. But alas, they did put everything to international bidding. We came second only. But the winner could not show anything that really works. We could. After rejecting the fake winner, we came first, and now we are investing to a very best available technology waste system in Kathmandu.
SnowLotus® was born.

We have done this so many times, in 30 years. We know what is to define and concentrate in the truly required results and then to motivate and guide experts to create them. Agile is our name.

And more, we have in our coming cases a portfolio of wonderful new projects. For mankind. 


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